This program is for participants age 15 & 16.

The purpose of TLP is to cultivate leadership and teamwork in teens interested in becoming counselors at Dragonfly Forest.  This program is based on team building and recreation, leadership development, and service back to the camp community.

Development through the program is based on the participant's ability to execute the skills necessary to move to the next level.   Dragonfly will continue to work with a TLP participant to help them acquire the necessary skills before moving to the next level of development.

TLP participants sleep 8 to a cabin along with 2-3 counselors per cabin.  Bathroom/shower sections are inside the cabins.  We eat family-style in a cafeteria, and we accommodate many different eating styles, including gluten-free, casein-free diets, pork-free diets, etc.

In 2018, there will be only ONE 2 week program for our Teen Leaders.

  • Week 1 - July 14th-19th

  • Week 2 - July 21st-26th

The Teen Leader Program has always been designed to be a counselor in training program, and is not just a continuation of camp.  The 2 week format is designed to mimic what it is like to be a counselor at camp during the summer, and will help prepare a participant to get ready to be a counselor at Dragonfly Forest in the future.  Program participants will go home during the Intersession breaks between sessions (See Dates and Rates Page).  Participants and their families are responsible for supervision between the camp sessions.  We will not be able to provide staff supervision at that time.  For more information please contact us.

For our teens with Autism or 22Q who are not ready to become a Teen Leader, you may want to read about the Dragonfly Explorer Program (Age 13 to 25).   This paid program is designed to help teach teens, primarily with Autism or 22Q, essential skills for transitioning to adulthood.   Please click on the Explorer Section of the Programs page to learn more about this program.