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Ropes Staff/Counselor- Summer Camp

Pay Range:                     Training provided by YMCA

Job Type:                         Full Time- No benefits

Location:                          Dragonfly Forest - YMCA Camp Speers

# of Openings:                5

Dates of Service:            


Basic Assignment

Do what needs to be done to show the campers the most amazing camp experience. Facilitate and supervise high adventure activities, including ropes courses and rock climbing wall. Serve as mentor and role model for campers with various special needs while leading and supervising various recreational activities and provide overnight resident supervision to campers in the overnight camp program.  Provide excellent customer service to all clients, know and enforce rules and safety measures, care for all equipment and facilities, and work well as a member of the Dragonfly Forest camp community.



  • Must be at least 18 years of age

  • Experience or aptitude to work closely with children in a positive, supportive manner

  • Ropes course certification- provided on-site by Camp Speers and Dragonfly Forest

  • Visual and auditory ability to respond to critical incidents and physical ability to act swiftly in an emergency situation

  • Ability to independently supervise a group of 3-5 campers ages 7-16, all with varying special needs or medical conditions

  • Know and understand needs of each individual camper within the supervision group

  • Ability to safely and effectively lead participants in activities, enforce safety regulations, and apply appropriate policies and procedures


Major Functions

  • Facilitate and supervise campers in the exploration of the high ropes course, low ropes course, and rock wall

  • Observe all safety measures associated with high adventure programming, and employ good judgement and decision making related to high adventure and challenge courses

  • Lead a group of campers in cabin activities including but not limited to transitions, mealtimes, morning and bedtime routines, interpersonal conflict, and daily schedule

  • Use good judgement and make conservative decisions to ensure the safety of our campers

  • Employ leadership techniques and demonstrate excellent customer service and work ethic as covered in staff training

  • Follow all rules, operating procedures, instructions, and policies, and know and implement all emergency procedures when necessary

  • Provide exemplary role modeling at all times when participants are at camp, and demonstrate a strong sense of ownership over camp, including cleaning of facilities and care of equipment

  • Supervise campers during mealtimes, overnight in cabins, during transitional times and during cabin chores or activities.

  • Follow specific directives of leadership team, including Unit Leaders, Activity Directors, Camp Directors, and Executive Directors as assigned.  Communicate all work-related issues through the High Adventure Activity Director.