Interested in turning your employment at Dragonfly Forest into an internship?  We are, too!


Dragonfly Forest directors are willing and able to help you meet qualifications for internship credits, and we can customize the experience to meet your needs. While also working as a Counselor, Unit Leader, or Activity Director (see job descriptions for more information), you can complete additional assignments per the requirements of your program and earn internship credits. Here are some (but not all) of the ways we can help you fulfill internship requirements:


  • Quiz or test on terminology related to various diagnoses

  • Concept application or reflection papers or journal entries

  • Multi-media presentations (e.g. brochures, pamphlets, powerpoints, etc.)

  • Individual coaching meetings or performance reviews

  • Service hour requirements

  • Teaching/leading activities or trainings

  • Interview or shadow specific jobs/representatives of populations

  • Research papers

  • Experience summary


If you need to have an internship program authorized by your college or university, you may contact to set up a meeting time and discuss your options.