Seller Donations

If you're an eBay seller you can donate a percentage (10% - 100%) of the proceeds of your sale to a charity of your choice.  First sign in and select the "Sell option.

Next you'll have to switch to the "advanced tool"

Once you've filled out all of the information for your item scroll down to the "Choose a format and price" section and fill out the "eBay for Charity section to your specifications.  You can choose the charity and donation amount here.

You can also use the eBay mobile app as well.  Once you've started using the "Sell" function go to the "Preferences" portion of your listing and choose"Sell for Charity".  Next select "Make a Donation", choose your favorite charity, and then the percentage you'd like to donate.

And there you go!  You've donated part of your sale to Dragonfly Forest.  We thank you for helping us give kids a summer they'll never forget!