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Selecting Dragonfly as a Favorite

1.  Click on the link on the previous page or enter into your browser

2. Sign into your eBay account or register as a new user

3.  Click on the "My charities" button

eBay Giving Works 1.png

4.  Type "Dragonfly Forest into the "Make it personal" bar and hit "enter" or "search"

eBay Giving Works 2.png

5.  Click "Add to my charities

And there you go!  You've made Dragonfly Forest your favorite!

Donate Directly

Once you have a favorite you also have the option of choosing to donate directly to Dragonfly Forest during the checkout process.  A section of the checkout page will come up with a blue and yellow ribbon with the name of an organization you have marked as a favorite.  Right below that you'll see a number box that will allow to give any amount you see fit (it starts at a dollar).