Become a Fundraiser

Create your own fundraising campaign with the Dragonfly Heroes online tool!  Create a homepage, set a fundraising goal, and personalize your page with event info and photos.  Walking, running, dancing, swimming, biking, video games, hop scotch, bird watching, whatever your passion may be you can create a campaign to have it benefit the kids and send them to camp!

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Amazon Wish List

Our Amazon wish list is a great way to donate specific items that will help provide creative and safe programming.  Items on the list range from programming materials, activities for our "soft room," waterfront equipment, medical supplies, and more!  Click below to view our list!

Kid Cents


Kid cents is a program run by Rite Aid in which you can donate your left over change from a purchase to an organization of your choosing.  If you happen to shop at Rite Aid, ask the cashier or manager about doing Kid Cents and you can select Dragonfly Forest as your organization!  Learn more at

For more information on how you can contribute, please contact Mary Curcio at