2017 Sessions

Session 1 June 25th  - June 30th - 22q

Session 2 July 2nd - July7th - Autism + 22q

Session 3 July 9th - July 14th - Explorers

Session 4 July 16th - July 21st - Asthma + Teen Leadership Program

Session 5 July 23th - July 28th - Hematology + Teen Leadership Program

Session 6 July 30th - August 4th - Autism + 22q


New in 2017:

Our tiers are voluntary rates for families to choose what they can afford to pay for camp. Tier selection does not require an income-verification and is all based on an honor system that families will pay what they can. The selection will in no way impact your child's experience at camp; all kids sleep in same cabins, have access to same activities, and eat same meals in same dining hall regardless of tier selection.

2017 Rates:

Tier 1 $1850

Tier 2 $1250

Tier 3 $650


Teen Leadership Program Rates:

Tier 1 $2772

Tier 2 $1875

Tier 3 $975


Scholarships are available to families who cannot afford the Tier 3 rate, $650, which they can apply for within the online application.  If a family does choose to apply for a scholarship,  they will need to provide their household income, # of dependents, and additional relevant circumstances.  They will also need to upload an income verification to complete the scholarship application. Scholarships are awarded on an individual basis for families. If your family still cannot afford camp after award has been given, we try to continue to work with you to come up with a solution that makes camp possible.



There are 2 ways Dragonfly Forest can help your family pay your camper's tuition. Both of these methods are available in the online camper application.

1. Apply for a Scholarship While filling out your child's regular camp application, you will be prompted with 3 questions to apply for a scholarship. After submitting your application, you will upload your 1040 US Individual Income Tax Return form and we will follow up to notify you the amount scholarship we can provide for your child. We want to ensure camp is accessible to all our families, as much as possible.

2. Sign up for a Payment Plan This lets you break down your tuition balance over a longer period of time than 30 days. You can choose the incremental payment you can afford, and decide how often you can make payments.



There is a $50 deposit for registering, and you can send a check or money-order if you cannot pay the deposit online.  For the remaining tuition, you will select the pricing tier that your family can afford. This selection is voluntary, requires no documentation, and will not affect the experience of your camper. Your $50 deposit counts toward your total tuition (i.e if you choose Tier 3 Asthma session, you pay the $50 deposit and then you only owe $600 more). 



The TLP program will last 2 weeks this summer.  We will enroll one group of TLP’s for both weeks starting on week 4.  We are accepting TLP’s from all of our populations for this 2-week program. The cost for TLP is tiered as well.  



You pay the $50 deposit when you fill out the application.  You will choose a tier for the remaining tuition.  Your deposit is applied to your remaining balance. That balance is due 1 month after you’re enrolled (usually 4 weeks after applying).  For example, if you apply on Nov 20th, you will hear from us by December 1st, and tuition will be due on January 1st (unless you sign up for a payment plan).  We will accept all payment plans, as long as tuition is paid in full before the first day of your camper's session. Please call us at 610-298-1820 or email us at info@dragonflyforest.org.  You can pay on your account anytime, just log in and make a payment.